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Is it any Good?

Time Will Tell :)

 'TIME WILL TELL,' if my new childrens storytelling adventure is any good, as it is being devised right now! I have a hunch (fortunately not on my back) that this is going to be a rather special spectacle.


I consider myself to be a time-traveller, yet also much more than that. I travel beyond the turbulent rapids of time, and into a far more expansive ocean of possi-liberty. The realm of pure imagination.


By the time this tale of time is told

You’ll all be just a touch more old

Yet twixt within this tale is gold

So listen close as it unfolds.

(From ‘Time will Tell’)


‘Time will Tell,’ is an energetic stage show being developed for a 2018 Tour of Europe and the USA. You can look forward to a host of interactive stories spruced up with magical illusions and hilarious characters. Join us, as we tumble through time and insanity. Past, Present and Future

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