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THE LIGHT - Storytelling Tent


The 'Living in Grateful Harmony Ten't is a powerful, portable story-sharing yurt-space that will tour towns and festivals in the UK in  Summer 2017. We reach 1000s of children with stories that guide, illuminate and transform our cultural paradigm. 


Ladies and Jelly-Spoons,


We are very pleased to announce our 2017 parade of joy and storytelling magic -



Our team of 10 incredible storytellers, performers, workshop leaders and Merry-Magic-Makers will bring an absolute splash of YES! to your event. We host a daily schedule of amazing arts, and interactive performances in our wonderfully comfortable, creative temple ; 'The Light.'


If you are interested in bringing something truely unique and positive to your event then let us support you. 


Get in touch and lets see what we can do,


Supreme Blessings


Curly x


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